NT500 Series - BACnet MS/TP Networking Room thermostats with 0-10 VDC fan speed control output for control of valves, relays and EC fan motors in fan coil units




Within the fail-safe actuator category, there are two styles, capacitor return and spring return. Capacitor return uses a capacitor to store energy and uses electrical operation to provide full torque to open and close when power is removed. This type of fail safe is used by Mega Controls.

Capacitor return actuators provide the following advantages over spring return actuators:

  • Switch-selectable fail-safe direction for both normally-closed and normally-open position applications

  • Smaller and lighter

  • Less energy consumption and hence lower energy cost

  • Longer life cycles

Mega Controls' CRA Series, VCR Series and VZCR Series all feature capacitor return design.


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